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Shaoxing Keqiao Chic Textile Co.,Ltd is located in Asia's largest textile distributing center - China Textile City Logistics Center, near the largest textile processing in Xiaoshan. Shaoxing Xu Ke Trade is a research and development, production and sales of textile company, company specializing in the production of various high-end fashion fabrics and lace fabrics, products through the national class a fabric detection, is an excellent supplier of domestic well-known brand clothing factory. Our "focus on quality, integrity and win-win" as the core, through our professional standards and unremitting efforts, with the fastest speed and reasonable price, provide the best quality for the enterprise, the development of fashion apparel fabrics! We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to visit, guide and negotiate business, sincere cooperation!


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Contact: Daisy

Phone: 86 0575 84291515

Tel: 86 0575 84291515

Add: logistics building, room 902,Keqiao district,Shaoxing city,Zhenjiang

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